North view equestrian center

North view equestrian center

A place where horses can be shared, horse riding, horse riding, horseback riding, horseback riding, horseback riding. It is a quiet and peaceful place to discover this passion that is not new. Indeed, these animals have been the longtime companions of humans. For several millennia they have been helping the fields, they have been used as a means of transport even during wars and have also become important elements in several sports, riding and polo.

An equestrian center for leisure!

The main objective of this equestrian center is to provide well-trained horses for entertainment. There are even ponies there. All sessions are attended by professional instructors with diplomas awarded by the State. The latter are intended to help and teach people who are in their first experiences how to ride a horse. Whether they just want to ride or want to become professional riders, the instructors are there. Extensive terrain, with varying difficulties and obstacles, allows practitioners to enjoy horse back riding.

An equestrian center for the pros!

For those who are used to equestrian sport, this center is also for them. Whatever the level, there are shoes at his feet or rather horse or pony to his taste. Practices can be done collectively or individually according to the desires of the apprentices. You even get professional courses if you want to become expert riders for the competition. From the beginner or amateur level to becoming pro, monitors are willing to give lessons. The center also has all the necessary equipment for professional riding. As far as safety is concerned, everything has been studied with the aim of guaranteeing the riders. The animals have been trained and are easy to tame.