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Keep clean your horse's clog !

When we speak of equestrian activity and a passion for riding, it is important to emphasize the care of the horse. It must be said that a painstaking care and proper treatment will guarantee good health for the horse, but not only. We all know, a healthy horse is a happy horse and a happy horse will offer the best of his ability. A treatment will therefore be in detail starting with the horse's hooves. To achieve a good purpose, it will be imperative to know the why and how of it too.

Muck out the feet of his horse

On specialized sites like, we'll know it's important to clean out the feet of the horse and pony every time bother with, not just when the riding. This was done to better hygiene on the horse. When the horse's feet is said curer, we speak due to clean the underside of course hoof. these will be the removal of straw, manure or soil and pebbles. It goes without saying that a foot spa will be necessary to arrive at perfectly to this cleaning process. From there, a structure of work will be required for an assured income.

How to clean it?

Once you will be provided with a foot spa, you must start cleaning work by removing butts on the floor. It will be important to identify the range thereafter. A brush will be needed once the cure foot will have done most of the work. It will be important to take this step either before or after the ride. Once this process is completed, it will be important to lubricate the shoe. Indeed, hydration of the latter is important for good elasticity and to prevent drying of the horn. It is to prevent the shoe is too dry in summer or too wet in winter as fats and ongues were designed. This will make a good alternative as a barrier between the foot of the horse and the harmful elements from outside.