North view equestrian center
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Here is one of our favourite partners!

Riding is a sport that is commonly found in rural areas. However, it is not only reserved for people living in these territories. City dwellers can also engage in this activity. All they need is to find a good equestrian center not far from where they are. This allows them to practice from time to time. Moreover, with professional instructors, one can easily learn this sport. And of course, we need to have good equipment.

Where to find equestrian facilities?

Several specialty shops sell equipment and accessories for horseback riding. We are one. We also have several partners who provide us with various elements. Among them, there is one that offers used saddles for sale. These allow those who do not yet want to buy equipments for riding to rent. After the day, they have only to return them. It's a perfect alternative for those who live in the city or people who do not have enough space to store accessories. Also, the rate is very interesting for this option.

It is also possible to do research on the internet if you do not really have time to shop around. Many professionals in this activity have websites on which we can find a whole range of solutions.

Why choose us ?

We do not only offer used saddles for sale, we also have new or used products. Everyone can visit our store or one of our partners to find what it takes. If you can not make up your mind yet, you can ask for help from our staff. We give free advice to our customers history to fully satisfy them.

For those who want to buy new equipment, they just have to give us the references of what they are looking for and we will make proposals to them. For those who are rather attracted by second-hand accessories, we can reassure them that we only have equipment that is still of good quality.