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We can help you to find a real good saddle for your horse

You are probably an amateur in the field of horse riding. Or are you a professional but want to be tempted by other types of quality equipment. We can help you find the equipment that will match you and your horse. In order to find the best stool, consider our tips and the motives that could lead you to make a choice.

For a good posture

Some saddles manage to completely disrupt the position of the rider once he is on the back of his horse. It is important to choose an equipment that offers a good position because it is one of the best ways to better control and control the animal. In addition, this point also provides a perfect balance for the person. Thus, the latter will not risk falling, or slip when she intends to undertake various activities with her horse. It is also important to mention that good posture on the back of the animal also helps prevent back pain through various muscles or joints. For the horse, he must feel at ease in these movements and must not feel a kind of discomfort that could completely interfere with the exercises, even the races and challenges to begin.

Which saddle is suitable?

Only used french saddles are known to suit amateurs and professionals in the field of horse riding. Why ? First of all, these saddles already used are all quality and able to meet the needs of enthusiasts. Moreover, known for being solid, robust, flexible and adapting to any morphology of the rider, they also meet the expectations of the horse. The latter needs the utmost ease to be able to undertake the various exercises and the various activities organized. It also requires that the saddle does not cause any discomfort when it moves or when it starts to move. The best advice we can offer you if you want to take care of your pet and that it can also strengthen the confidence he has towards you is to opt for saddles that have already been used. You will not regret it !